Tuesday, June 28, 2011

News on the Art/Creative Front

First, the butterflies aren't going to make it.  One of the boys put the chrisalyds in the butterfly hatchery by himself very early one morning.  He took them out of the cup, off the lid, and TAPED the paper they were attached to to the butterfly mesh house.  He must have accidently squashed them in the process, because some are flat and some are shrinking.  So, we'll try again with another cup of caterpillars. 

I was overjoyed to find one painting last week, though without permission.  (I handled that.)  I had a large board on an easel that I had planned to paint on for months and months.  He found some acrylic paints and went at it.  He painted a very nice picture and we have it sitting on the fireplace now. 

The other is in the process of painting on a smaller board now.  He's painted over his work several times but is enjoying it.  I would so love for one or both of them to enjoy art!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Transformation One

Our caterpillars have attached to the top of the container and they're starting to form into chrysalids.  They grew very fast as caterpillars and performed just as advertised. 

The garden is not ready though.  We have about 10-14 days to get it ready to receive the new butterflies.  They can go find a place, of course. But I want to have the garden ready.  I'll post pictures as we progress.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Creating - Butterfly Garden

Our butterfly hatching kit arrived today.  Tomorrow the boys and I (with Dad's help hopefully) will start a butterfly garden in the backyard.  First we have to get rid of thick grass.  I'm planning to use the cut and cover technique.  I just don't want to dig it all out and the boys aren't old enough yet.  I found good sites for plants for this area and I have a few yard ornaments and a piece of iron fence we can use to decorate.

One resource I read said to leave some natural area nearby.  No problem - rope it off and stop mowing!

On Enchanted Learning I found a butterfly calendar.  We're each coloring one and then will give them to the grands.

Pictures to follow as we progress.

Friday, June 3, 2011


This is supposed to be my art/photography blog.  Well what is here for the last few months is what I've done..... nada!  Since leaving Nebraska I have not been inspired to take photos.  Even though there are interesting old buildings and artifacts here too, I am just not there.  I think I need a new urban/suburban photographic interest.  New buildings don't call to me, but street scenes do. 

On the other hand.  There is just so much photography I want to do just for me.  I've yet to discover a reliable market for photos as art.  I enjoyed making the little houses from my photo snips and sold a good number for Haiti relief.  But again, how much market and how many small house magnets do I need.  There are gifts, of course, but I'd like to think someone would find enough value in what I do to pay for it. 

I've been yearning to paint, but again, not sure of subjects and I don't even know if I really can paint.  I just have this hunger to do so.  I guess I should do it to satisfy myself even if I can't really....

I am going to work on some designs to go on tshirts etc for my boys' elementary school and put them in cafepress.  That might be fun.  Go Mustangs!  So, watch this space and see if the muse strikes.

What are you up to?