Monday, July 28, 2008

Holy Cow We're Back in Nebraska

I suppose I'll have to change the name of my blog soon. I'm taking the boys back to Houston for preK. Unforunately there is none available here; at least not enough. They are very energetic and curious and active and need more than the 4 hours per week I can get them here.

I will miss my new friends the most and new photo ops next. I see barns in other places, even near our house in Houston, but they don't attract me the way these have in rural, corn and soy rich NE.

Let me restate - I will miss my husband most - absolutely. This will be hard on all of us; as he stays to finish the project here. He will be home for 3 day weekends every other week. Otherwise we wouldn't go.

I'll be taking a new cat south. Cleo was found here and has never been to H town. She's an indoor cat, so she won't notice the change of altitude or terrain. Lily the dog will be sad to leave the farm. She has had free rein of many acres here and free run of county roads. In H she'll be in what used to seem like a big yard. Poor dear.

I will be overjoyed to be with my friends and family. While on vacation there the last two weeks, I spent delightful days in a friend's studio and long hours talking to buddies I have missed. The boys will be in their 'old' school and back in gymnastics. I hope to add soccor and a martial art soon. They need actvitiy!

Now the job of sorting and packing begins!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

You CAN go home again!

The boys and I are back in Houston for a visit. As we entered our subdivision, one of them threw his hands up and exclaimed "We're hooooooome!". I felt the same way. I've enjoyed living in a different place, meeting new people, and observing the agrarian culture and landscape; but I'm ready to be home.

The rent house isn't ours, it isn't that great, the farm is messy and untrimmed. There are no flower beds and few trees. And I miss stores and restaurants! In Nebraska we shop at a couple of great stores on the square and at Walmart which is twenty miles East or West to nearby towns.

Anyway, it is nice to be home, we're not disappointed and we don't feel out of place. We feel we're home. I have owned this house 23 years and we are part of each other. I feel comfortable here.I'm too sentimental about the house for my own good. It's also the neighborhood and neighbors. I've had the same neighbors on each side and across the street since I moved here. There is a lot of history and comfort in that.

I'm surprised the Houston traffic doesn't bother me. It doesn't right now. I'm just glad to see stores and houses and people. Interesting fact with regard to crowds and traffic - there are more than twice as many people in greater Houston than the state of Nebrska.

So, the adage that you can't go home again doesn't pertain to us who have transferred temporarily from a big city we know to a sparsely populated agricultural state. An interesting fact on population - there are more than twice as many people in greater Houston than in the state of Nebraska...