Thursday, June 5, 2008

I quit!

These pictures are of the tornado damage near Aurora Nebraska last week.

I quit trying to sell my art! Oh, not really; but I am going to dial it way back. I have stuff on two Etsy shops and one on Cafepress, my own website, and lots of plans and dreams. I'm not trying to sell for money, other than to offset my expenses. I just want someone to want it. I want to share and feel the link of someone appreciating my work.

Anyway, I'm going to let myself just do art to do it. If it is seen and/or purchased, so be it. I will share it through my blog, friends and family, and a few artist and art networks. I'm not watching my Etsy shops everyday or trying to find ways to appeal to buyers. It's not a job for me. It is art for me. I had my commercial job and now I have two full time mother jobs. Art is art, for goodness sake.

Other news. We have had some kinda weather around Nebraska and other states in the plains. I'm putting a photo here. There is no way to show the magnitude of the damage. Fortunately, most of populated areas around Aurora were spared. One entire farm was wiped out. All the outbuildings, grain storage, and the house are destroyed. More storms coming today. My prayers are with all who have had damage or injury.