Monday, October 11, 2010

Time zooms!

I have been thinking "I really want to get back to my blog...." for a YEAR! I can't believe it. Well, here I am and I have strong resolve to keep up.

I started this blog when we lived in Nebraska and I rediscovered photography as a medium of choice. There my "voice" was definitely old, abandoned, shabby, worn, architecture and rural artifacts. We spent a year in Corpus Christi Texas and now we're back in Cypress, outside of Houston. I honestly have not found the same calling voice here. I see rural buildings and artifacts because we are still near the 'country'; and they still call to me, but not in the same way.

I have not been shooting, other than some action shots of my twins playing football. I may try some digital 'work' with them.

My current project uses scraps of the photos from Nebraska to make little house magnets as a charity contribution. I'll include a picture of some here and they are in my ETSY shop which is linked from my site. All proceeds go to Haiti relief.

I am charmed by the idea of using images to create images. It's another form of collage which I love.

I'm also working on a sketchbook for ARTHOUSE ( The title/theme is "I am a Scavenger". And, indeed I am. I pick up jibs and bits off the street, out of magazines, out of the bottom of my purse, etc. I save scraps of paper, fiber, metal, glass, etc. All is dumped in a basket of materials and becomes fodder for collage. I recently scraped up a handful of shattered tinted auto glass from a parking lot. It looks like black diamonds!

I sold a collage last week on ETSY. I so love to think someone likes a piece and wants to have it. It's some form of cosmic communication for a thought/feeling of mine to create an object and then to connect with another person. Silly?