Thursday, February 15, 2007

Who's going to bury Anna Nicole Smith's body

Who cares? Even she doesn't! This is not news!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Too hard to open

I am furious over current packaging, in general, and specifically, toys. Hard plastic clam shells are very hard to open period. For toys, manufacturers add wires, glue, tape, and even stitching! I have resorted to a serated knife and still had trouble. My 3 year olds won't be able to open their own toys for years!

I get very aggravated trying to open things. Granted, I have arthritic hands, but I think that is the least of my difficulty.

I know shipping damage and shop lifting are legitimate problems, but current packaging makes me want to boycott the worst of them.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Mexican border with Texas

I am a Texan by birth and residence.

The idea that a the accident of birthplace leaves those on the near south side of the Rio Grande in abject poverty while jobs and plenty are so near on the north side haunts me. What if I had been born somewhere else? Why shouldn't those who want to work, and can work, come to where there are jobs to be had?

- "they should pay taxes" - ok, register them as guest workers or whatever and collect taxes
- "they will ruin our country" - excuse me, but BS. These are people and deserve the rights we insist on
- "they are taking away jobs from US citizens" - we believe in the free market system of capitalism - if they compete better and get the job, shouldn't they have it? Aren't they often taking jobs that others don't want?

I keep asking myself why some deserve better just because they were born one place or another. I don't think they do. Many of us have not fought for liberty, founded a nation, written history, ... we just live here. Why do we get to and those who want to come here don't?

I know there are limits to how many people our country and economy can support/house; but aren't there ways to allow our close neighbors to earn a living? Maybe they go home every so often. Surely they should pay taxes and obey the law. It pains me to see the poverty so close and think of a wall separating neighbors. Archaic!