Monday, November 29, 2010

The Little Houses

I'm working on new ways to incorporate the Houses for Haiti in art pieces. I've finished two 6 by 6 collages and listed them on Etsy. So far not much interest but it is so hard to get visibility there.

I like putting them in settings. One is a farm scene and the other a neighborhood using two houses.

One charitable buyer is making pendant necklaces from the houses. I'm eager to see those. Some of the Houses for Haiti artists made earrings and pins from them. Most of mine are too big. I really had magnets in mind.

I haven't made any lately and wonder if I am through or not. Waiting on the Muse, I suppose. I really like working in collage and am thinking of trying photos only as collage material. hmmmmm

Happy Christmas shopping! Let me hear what art you are seeing or making.

Next post will feature a photographer from ETSY.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Monday

I reworked some notecards in Cafepress last night. The current images were tired looking to me. I'm punching the old ones up and adding some. I'm thinking of ordering 10 sets (one image each) and mixing my own sets to sell on Etsy. I think I would rather have mixed images, myself. You?

I'm also reworking my web presence a bit. I have a FB page, blog, website, Etsy shop (2), and Cafepress shop. Each points to the others. The website is redundant and I have to pay for hosting, so xnay on the website ( Its either that or cut the rest and put a sales function on the website. I think Etsy and Cafepress can handle that better than I can. I'll keep the domain name for a while in case I change my mind.

I'll put one of the new notecards at the top of this post.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Arthouse Sketchbook Status

Here are a couple of pages of the sketchbook, "I am a Scavenger" for

This is a fun site for artists and an easy way to see current fresh art. I like the projects because they give me a deadline to drive to.

My first few pages are from bits I picked up in the last month or so in anticipation of the sketchbook. I love to find shiny or colorful or texture 'things' lying around - especially on the ground. It is fun to see how several finds seem to fit together.

I'm thinking of a collage scrap book with the boys to save their papers and bits and jibs from the school day along with their own art additions. They both like to draw.

I haven't done much with the little houses yet except to list some on ETSY. They aren't selling and I don't know if it is the art or the cause. I guess I'll check via the Etsy forums. Your thoughts?