Thursday, October 29, 2009


Yea! I sold two photos yesterday; this one of the windmill and another sepia homestead that looks like an old photo. ( is such a boost to know someone wants my work. Nice to recover some cost, but the biggest gain is someone else's interest.

Rainy, power out and on, muggy. It's Houston!

Signed up for another ART HOUSE project - weekly projects, sent by email. Good for stimulating the muse.

I've been working on the railroad - nope on other stuff!

I spent the last two days doing hearing screenings for elementary school kiddos. Hard to find more fun than hanging out with other moms, teachers, and loads of adorable kids.

Today I made a "fan page" for HolyCowStudio on FaceBook. Of course, I can't even find it myself now, but it's there with a few photos and some snaps from my iphone. Iphone and FB have connected with many people I would have missed. Many of my cousins' and siblings' children FB so I get to 'talk' to them. I am one of the few of the "old" generation who is very digital.

I haven't taken new photos, but have been post processing some of the hundreds I have stored. I sold two this week from I added a few journals to and am contemplating teacher gift journals for the boys school - want to do a custom cover for the school - Go MUSTANGS!

I got my ceramic buttons on ETSY finally - at I really want to make more of them for quilting, clothing, and collages.

My most exciting recent work is joining Art House and committing to a sketch book or art journal for a traveling exhibit. Check it out on you can still join by 11/2.

I'll post progress there and some here. What are you working on?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Studio a wreck

What do you think of this angel girl? Right now I think she is my muse peeking out from life.

I haven't yet opened/cleaned/arranged my pottery studio since we returned home. But I have joined a wonderful group of women who meet weekly to share various art and craft activities. It keeps the muse alive.

We are in Kindergarten now and that is fun. I volunteer several days a week and am getting to know other mothers and some grandmothers.

I do have a space to work in the house and more art supplies than two artists could use. Now to get busy!